A new global blogging class

Hello bloggers around the world!!

 I thought I would introduce myself and my grade 6/7 class from Tasmania, Australia.  My name is Miss W.  (this is what I use on our blogs) and I have only been blogging since January this year.  I introduced my new class to blogging when school began in February and many of them are very keen to have their own blogging page – maybe in term 2.

 We are in a school in a rural town but only about half an hour from Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.  Many people don’t think Tasmania is a part of Australia, but we were the second state to be settled back in 1803.  Like Mrs Mirtschin’s class, we are in a high fire danger area, and in fact, tomorrow the temperature is supposed to get to 34 degrees Celsius so it is total fire ban from midnight tonight over the whole state.

The grade 6 students will be out on the oval at their school running carnival so I hope they all remember to bring their water and to “Slip, slop and slap”. With the grade 7 students back in class, I will have to bring in a fan as our room gets very hot and we don’t have any air conditioning. 

We have recently had a smartboard installed in our room and have just finished a series of activities about being internet safe.  I used many of the activities and cartoons from Cyberquoll.

I hope some of you will come and visit us on our class blog and join in the activities mentioned there.